A local walk in the snow

With all the snow we have had recently I decided it was time to take a walk and see how the snow had transformed the surrounds. Loading up my day pack and putting on my trusty Innov8 390 boots, I walked out of the house into the winter wonderland. My wanderings took me through the forests before arriving at Søndersø meeting a couple of nordic skiers along the way as well as the occasional inquisitive deer.

At the western end of the lake in an area I had never visited before I came across an old water tower built in 1911, there was picnic area nearby and it is adjacent to the old military barracks associated with the former Værløse airforce base.

There was still plenty of snow hanging around and with the local weather bureau predicting more below zero temperatures and snow it could well be a white christmas.

A pleasant days outing, in the eerie silence of a snow covered land.

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8 Responses to A local walk in the snow

  1. Lovely, Roger. I will get out tomorrow for a walk, in combination with viewing a house!

  2. Thanks Hendrik, are you thinking about buying a house?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Søndersø, is it not near Odense Airport? A bit from there? I suppose you did only use Inov8 309 without any snowshoe? I should also take a daywalk somewhere in Scania, outside Malmö. Thanks for the inspiration. /Jonas (jarcula)

  4. Thanks Jonas, yep no snowshoes, boots were fine as the snow is dry and powdery (and not that deep). You are correct there is also a Søndersø on Fyn, but the Søndersø I visited is located near Værløse on the outskirts of København

  5. Yeah, M and I are thinking about buying a house =) We are scheduled to buy next summer/ autumn but are already now checking the market. Gonna be quite a change, I reckon.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I see, I don't know Denmark very much. I searched Søndersø in Google Maps. However, I thought it was strange that you did take a long way to the excursion 🙂 Of course, it's near CPH. Well, I'm learning… /Jonas

  7. Joe Newton says:

    Love the contrast of the berries and barracks against the snow Roger. Snow has a way of really changing the palette of the outdoors.

  8. Thanks Joe, the red berries were a surprise, I walked down to the lake to look at a new viewing platform only to discover the red berries, certainly provided an excellent contrast.

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