Gear Reflection Tornby to Grenen

Some of the items used and my comments are listed below.

MLD Trailstar, a wonderfully roomy shelter that is easily pitched and when pitched tight will deflect winds from all directions.

Aarn Mountain Magic 55, a pack ideally suited for trips of 4 to 8 days in my view, carries well and the front pockets are a bonus. This trip I was very pleased to have the waterproof liners which kept everything dry in what was extended periods of heavy rain.

BPL 240 Quilt, this was the first trip for this quilt and I was pleased with it and at all times was I warm (a little too warm), temperatures were never below zero but I feel comfortable in taking this quilt as part of my sleep system into sub zero temperatures.

Katabatic Bristlecone Bivy, not really needed in the Trailstar however the bivy provides ideal protection from drafts in windy weather. I used the bivy on top of my Neo Air this time and was pleased with the minimal slip between the bivy and the mattress, I will experiment further with this approach.

Stoves, I took 2 stoves on this trip to compare fuel usage, the stoves were the Monatauk Gnat, and the Compact Caldera cone, both used with the Evernew 1 litre Past Pot. Both stoves performed well and were used, with care, inside the Trailstar. I only ever boil water and for a day I boil approximately 1.5 litres of water. The fuel consumption figures were interesting:

Monatauk Gnat: 22 gms of gas per 1 litre of water, reflecting similar figures when used in Vålådalen in May 2010.

Caldera Cone: 25 gms of alcohol per 1 litre of water.

In my view the conditions were the same for both stoves and a windshield was used with the gas stove.

Paramo Vista Jacket, for this trip I wore the new lighter weight Vista jacket, in XL it weighs 660 gms which is a 200 gram saving over the Third Element Jacket (which is to be discontinued). I was pleased with the jacket and partnered with a silkbody long sleeve shirt I never over heated and it repelled all the rain that it was subjected to.

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10 Responses to Gear Reflection Tornby to Grenen

  1. Hendrik M says:

    I yet have to use the 240 quilt, maybe at some point in the next week. The new Vapr bivy looks awesome, how do you like your old one?

  2. Hi Hendrik, I like the 240 quilt, certainly thicker than the old 180. The old BPL bivy was good thought the bug netting arrangement was a little heavy. I prefer the Bristlecone to the old BPL bivy, the new BPL bivy looks interesting but there is only a little over a 30 gm weight saving for a long so I will pass.Hope that helps

  3. Joe Newton says:

    Have you been struggling with the NeoAir inside the Bristlecone Roger? I find that a couple of 3mm elasticated cords, tied across the internal 'D' rings, keeps everything in place.I really like using bivys with quilts, they offer so much extra warmth and for me they negate the need for any kind of ground cloth.

  4. Hi Joe, no not struggling with the Bristlecone, I decided to try having the Neo Air on the outside and was impressed as it gave me more wriggle room in the bivy. I agree about bivvies and quilts are a great option and this perhaps why I do not like the D rings in the Bristlecone as it restricts the freedom of movement, for me at least. However, having said that the Bristlecone is a great bivy and one I intend to use for a while.

  5. wanderlust says:

    Hey Nielsen,How is the bpl 240 quilt doing for you? Got a chance to test it a bit more? How warm is the quilt for you?Furthermore which size do you have?I'm 1,84 m tall and still and not sure if the Regular will do it.Thank you.

  6. Hi wanderlust, I have a size long quilt. I am 1.76 tall and think the long is right for me, I would not buy a regular as the extra length allows me to "bury" myself if it gets really cold.As the temps on my last trip and the upcoming trip are baround -10C (14 F) I have been using my down quilt. In my view the BPL quilt is okay to just below zero C but ??? I am not sure what the limit is. I intend to use the quilt in wet conditions.I owned the original BPL quilt and am very happy with this quilt, if that is helpful.YMMV

  7. wanderlust says:

    Thank you.Last question, do you know how much your quilt weighs?Cheers

  8. Hi wanderlust the weight of mine is 785 gms.Hope that helps.

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