Wet and windy West Coast

Just back from a wonderful trip along the west coast of Jylland to Grenen, the top of Denmark. With magnificent beaches, beautiful autumnal forests and large migrating sand dunes, it was a very enjoyable trip. A report will follow in the coming days.

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5 Responses to Wet and windy West Coast

  1. Denmark has fantastic hiking areas. Unfortunately, far too little attention. I look forward to the report.

  2. Joe Newton says:

    Autumnal beaches, dunes and forests. I'm looking forward to this trip report a lot.

  3. Maz says:

    We stayed in a summer house in Tversted last year and journeyed all around (including the amazing Eagle Sanctuary) and I have to say the beaches in northern DK are simply amazing. With the wind gusting, sending the top layer of the sand drifting across the dunes like a silk blanket. It was stupefying. Cannot wait for the report Roger!

  4. Hi Rio I agree completely, especially the coastlines. Joe the report is almost there.Maz, Tversted is a very popular and beautiful area, I did not get to the Eagle Sanctuary but did see a lot of sand, surf, sunsets and forests.Thanks Jörgen, I liked it too and it was just one of those moments when wandering along the beach and suddenly there is a sponge being washed up. I really enjoyed the section of the beach that this photo was taken.

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