Along the Nord to Sydleden: Hörlinge gård til Vittsjö

The Nord Sydleden starts on the Kust to Kustleden at the top of Skånelån and continues south to the coast at Malmö, Ystad and Trelleborg. I chose to walk a short section from just north of Hässleholm to Vittsjö on the Kust to Kustleden, which gave me access to public transport. It was a grey and misty morning as I alighted from the bus at Hörlinge gård and with the rain beginning to fall I soon had my Montane Featherlite pants on and was glad to be wearing my Paramo Third Element jacket, though I soon found that the Ibex Merino Hoody was a little warm and swapped to a silkbody top which worked nicely with the jacket. Following a forestry road for about 2 kilomteres the trail then turned north through the forest and farm land, before crossing the main road and entering the Vedema strövområde (walking area) which is criss crossed by trails, streams as well as delightful lakes.

The rain had stopped by the time I reached Barsjön and with only the hint of a breeze it was a pleasant resting point.

Beyond the lake the trail continued through the forests before arriving at the immaculate camping and shelter area of Hågnarp with two shelters, camp sites tap water, I could just imagine how busy it would be in good weather, but today I was alone.

Leaving Hågnarp, the trail bordered farmland and the mist covered fields were quiet with no evidence of grazing animals.

The walk provides many historical interludes including stone walls, old bridges, former houses as well as what is described as ” one of the best-preserved linbastorna (a house where flax was prepared) in northeast Scania” as described in the guide.

Soon after passing the linbastorna I arrived at Olastorp shelter, a nice shelter with a rapidly flowing stream nearby. I chose to set the Spinntwinn up above the shelter it provided wonderful view of the small valley below as well as the sunrise the following morning.

After a leisurely start I set off firstly along a minor road before heading along an old forestry trail I was just happy to wander along the trail, and whilst there was no outstanding views with the sunshine and changing colours it provided a pleasant walking experience.

As I wandered I was quite taken by the different colours of the ferns and the way the leaves glistened in the sunlight.

Along the way I greeted by an interesting figure suggesting which way I should go.

Finally I arrived at Vittsjö and awaited a bus that would take me home, reflecting on a pleasant walk in Skåne, I will return.

Gear Observations.

This was the third trip I have used the Salomon XT Wings 2, and I continue to be happy with them, there was a few spots where the grip was challenged but with many forestry trails and well used foot trails they were ideal. When I next return to the Skåne forests I will probably bring my Speedcross 2’s.

It was my first trip with my Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash Jacket, thanks to Martin’s informative review, I decided to give it a go as I was looking for a warm down jacket for 3 season use, I was not disappointed and will be using it on coming trips and may pair it with a BPL Cocoon hoody for winter use.

I used a Gossamer Gear Spinntwinn for this trip and was as expected very happy with its utility, though I did think that I would prefer a mid for some trips.

The star of the trip was hrXXLight bouillon, I mixed this with 3 minute noodles and it was a very tasty change from cheap flavoured noodle mixes, I am now exploring other dehydrated bouillon options.

So as one trip ends another is planned to the coasts of Jylland, stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Along the Nord to Sydleden: Hörlinge gård til Vittsjö

  1. Joe Newton says:

    Great photos of the ferns Roger, they look regal at this time of year. The forest looks like a great place for camping at this time of year. What stove did you use on this trip?

  2. The Odyssee says:

    Lovely country with the changing colours. Good review of your gear.

  3. Since I was born not to far away from where you are hiking, I am reminded of how fantastic the fall foliage is in the hardwood forests. Very nice. The bouillion also sounds terrific. Definetely something I will try with noodles and with powdered mashed potatoes.

  4. Thanks Joe, I only had my small pentax with me and the ferns looked great with the dew and sunlight, the forest were nice and it appears that this week will be great for camping. I used the Monatauk Gnat gas burner matched to a 750 ml pasta pot, I think a wider pot would have been a better idea.Odyssee, yes it is lovely country and there are plenty of options for walking, the colours at this time of year can be special.Hi Jörgen yeah the colours of the foliage are wonderful which is one of the things I really appreciate hiking in the northern hemisphere. The bouillon was very good it tasted great and was a vast improvement on packaged noodle mixes.

  5. Roger says:

    Nice pictures, Roger! Thanks for the trip report.

  6. Thanks Roger, looking forward to your report on the weekend trip.

  7. Since I was born not to far away from where you are hiking, I am reminded of how fantastic the fall foliage is in the hardwood forests. Very nice. The bouillion also sounds terrific. Definetely something I will try with noodles and with powdered mashed potatoes.

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