Australian Interlude

We have had the opportunity, to visit Australia to see family and friends. Whilst here we also had the opportunity to drive along the Great Ocean Road and walk sections of the Great Ocean Walk.

Below is a selection of photographs.

The seven Apostles

LochArd Gorge, which has a fascinating story of the shipwreck of the Loch Ard and the survival of two passengers.

The view from the Johanna Beach Campsite on the Great Ocean Walk.

One of the locals at Cape Otway.

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8 Responses to Australian Interlude

  1. Roger says:

    Wow! Amazing pictures!

  2. Hendrik M says:

    Love it. Australia has always been a place I wanted to visit,and photos like these make me want to go very, very badly to your home country!

  3. Can only agree with the other comments. Ever since reading Bill Brysons book Down Under I have wanted to go… down under. We'll see…

  4. Anders says:

    …and I am getting homesick.

  5. Great set of photos!Does the place a great credit! It truly is a stunning part of the world.

  6. Thanks Roger for the compliment, we were lucky it is winter here but when on the coast the weather was calm and somewhat sunny.Hendrik, I have no doubt one day you will travel to Australia, there are many places to visit.Jörgen you must visit, Bill Bryson only provides a small snapshot of the whole country.Anders, I need my dose of the fragrance of gum trees and the sound of kookaburras to get me through the scandinavian winters.Thanks Weekend Dude, there are many places you will not see on the advertising brochures that are truly stunning in Australia.

  7. Joe Newton says:

    Lovely images Roger. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Back to school soon! 😉

  8. Anders says:

    …and I am getting homesick.

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