Weather and Mosquitos

Thanks to Mark and Hendrik I now know that the “bugs are bad this year”

So an extra pack of repellant is packed and clothing can be sprayed if needed. Insect repellants being used are
PreVent, which uses pyrethrins
Autan which uses Icardin (Picardin),
also packed is a BPL headnet. I will report back on the effectiveness of all 3.

Weather the picture gives the current long term predictions, with Green indicating rather certain, Yellow somewhat uncertain (whetever that means) and Red Uncertain. Time will tell on the accuracy of the forecast.

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3 Responses to Weather and Mosquitos

  1. Gavin Macfie says:

    The midges are apparently very bad in Scotland this year. Some speculate that the hard winter took its toll on animals that eat the midge such as bats.I'm heading out myself for a couple of nights. I've packed a 20 L pack but am tempted to re-pack in a larger bag so I can take a tent with me and get some shelter from the dreaded midge!

  2. Joe Newton says:

    I reckon a lightweight flame thrower might be valuable accessory this year!

  3. In the Swedish mountains there can be huge local variations in bug density. Above timberline it is usually not very bad at any time. Early in the season, like Roger is doing, it is not usually too bad either. And of course, there is the psychology. What my kids consider awful I hardly notice when it comes to mosquitoes..So I do not think Roger will be awfully bothered. Especially since he is well prepared, which is good cause you never really can tell.

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