Nordkalotten Gear List

Below is my gear list for my 11 days on the Nordkalotten Trail, the total weight is a little over 16 kg. All weights in the list are in grams.

The weather outlook for the coming days indicates a little rain, a little breeze, a little sun and temperatures ranging between 5 and 15 degrees.

Aarn Mountain Magic 55L: 1,540


Warmlite 2c tent with pegs: 1,372
Nunatak Arc Specialist Quilt: 550
Neo Air Short: 270
Multimat (sit and feet): 98
Tyvek Groundsheet: 150


Primus Micron Ti: 77
MSR 850 + BPL Lid: 110
AL foil windshield: 45
Reflextix Cozy: 23
Gas bottle stand: 20
Foldacup: 23
Short Handled Spoon: 9
Lightmyfire: 22


BPL Cocoon Hoody: 339
Silk Long Johns sleeping: 191
BPL UL merino Hoody sleeping: 180
Hagloffs OZ Pullover: 219
Montane Featherlite Windshirt (worn): 100
Montane Featherlite Pants: 128
MLD eVent Overmitts: 30
Possum Fur Gloves: 42
Possum Fur Socks: 83
BPL Merino Hat: 20
Buff: 37

Clothing Worn

BPL Beartooth Merino Hoody: 272
IceBreaker SS Pulse Grey: 240
Montane Terra Converts: 384
Underarmour Compression Short: 118
Darntough Socks: 97
Injini Toe socks: 51
Merino Legless: 205
Salomon Quest boots: 1,576
Pacer Poles: 700
Tilley hat: 96
ID shortie gaiters: 66
BPL Headnet: 9


OlympusE-P2: 467
Tripod: 296
Mobile phone: 167
Washkit with towel: 92
First Aid and repair: 150
3 l exped bag: 45
1 l exped bag: 27
GPS: 136

Food and Fuel

Nalgene 1.5 litre: 63
Platy 0.5 litre: 20
Swiss Army Classic Knife: 30
Fuel per day (GAS): 300
Fuel Carrier GAS: 220
Water: 500
Food per day: 7710

Total weight in Pack of just over 16 kgs.

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6 Responses to Nordkalotten Gear List

  1. Hendrik says:

    Have a great hike, Roger! I wish you the best of weather and sunsets & rises, and plenty of (the nice, big) wildlife.I hope the mosquito protection you have will be sufficient, they're out in force here in Finland at the moment.

  2. Mark Roberts says:

    Good luck Roger! Look forward to reading about it on your return.My friends in Lapland tell me it's a bad bug year, but hopefully they won't be too annoying. Just in case you get bitten to hell, maybe take a few anti-histamine tablets to relieve the itching?

  3. Joe Newton says:

    'Merino legless'? Hav ethey been at the Mintuu? :)Have a great time Roger, you're getting to do what several of us wish we could have done this summer so we're living the trip vicariously through you!

  4. have a great time, looking forward to the report

  5. Maz says:

    I'll be interested in how easy it is to get to great hiking destinations from CPH. Let me know your experiences in this regard and I look forward to the report. Just one thing – have you thought about getting an iPhone which would obviate the need for mobile AND a GPS unit as, for 155g, you'd both as well as even more functionality. I have loads of useful Apps on mine – SAS Survival Guide (more for fun, but may prove useful one day), St Johns Ambulance First Aid, a Birdwatching App, knot-tying. I also have a few videos loaded in case I cannot sleep and fancy watching an episode of something, as well as some music (I love walking with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on if I am alone).

  6. Dave Hanlon says:

    I guess you'll read this on your return which makes the sentiment kind of redundant but nevertheless: have a goodun!Role reversal this time, you'll be on your way back as I head out. I'll be expecting a full compliment of trip report posts on my return :-)Now the gear nurd bit: two things stand out for me. Firstly, you've gone for boots and I'd be interested to hear a) your reasoning before departure and b) your experience on your return. Secondly, You've conjured an Oly Pen out your (magnificently provisioned) gear loft. I'm jelous. Been hovering over micro four thirds in all its forms for a while now. Your impressions would be welcome!

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