A days food

Real Turmat
Oats, with Pecans, Raisin, Milk Powder and Brown Sugar
Lemon Flavoured CousCous with Pine Nuts and Raisins
Sun Dried Apricots
The rest is self explanatory.

Thanks to Hendrik for his insight on the Eat Natural and Sesame Bars.
Starbuck Coffee, thanks Phil

A days food weight is 780 gms.

Energy values are 3658 Calories or 15307 kj.

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13 Responses to A days food

  1. Looks edible ;-)How many calories in the 780 grams?

  2. Thanks Jörgen the answer is3658 Calories or 15307 kj.Post now edited to include the Calorie/kj information.Roger

  3. Maz says:

    Lemon cous-cous?! What's that like? With the additions it sounds surprisingly nice (and light needing only water)…

  4. Thanks Maz and its available at Føtex. I also like cous cous with Tuna for shorter trips.

  5. Joe Newton says:

    I can't see any booze?….

  6. Maz says:

    For sheer lightweight bang for your gram it has to be a bit of port. Quite classy too, if you add a bow-tie to your kit list (23g).

  7. hrXXL says:

    wow 780g is ver much. I only need 500-600g per day with round about 2700-3000 calories

  8. Gavin Macfie says:

    Eat Natural bars are great but very expensive. Cranberry, macadamia and dark chocolate is my favourite variety.

  9. Joe and Maz, booze is not a food so therefore not shown ; )Hrxxl, yes I carry possibly a little more than I need, but I usually come home with no spare food. I snack a lot on the trail. Gavin agree about the price of the bars, but as you say they taste great so for a long trip I use them, but not for an overnighter.

  10. Roger says:

    Looks like a nice combo. You will defenatly not starve on the trip. Very nice with the snacks on the trail. It keep up the speed and increase the distance.But cant see any liqorice?! Neccesary. Especially the salt ones.

  11. Maz says:

    Danes and Liqorice. Dear God…

  12. Thanks Roger and Maz, I live in Denmark but am not a fan of liquorice (salted or unsalted)Roger, yep, I do not expect to go hungary.

  13. I like the Ritter's Sports bars too, also because they are loaded with calories. But they turn into puddles on me in summer, so I mostly use them in winter.

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