Perhaps my biggest challenge for this trip has been, What stove?

I have more stoves than I am prepared to admit to, so the first decision is wood, gas, metho or esbit.

Answer, I would love to use wood, but am not sure about the area I am heading to so; gas is easy, alcohol and esbit are also easy but could be a hassle.

So gas is easy but the empty canister weight adds grams to my pack my quick calculation means that I need to carry (including canister weight) about 615 grams of gas, whereas with an alcohol stove I could carry 550 gms including containers then there is the burners etc.

If I carry a Trail Designs Heineken Keg stove the weight for the keg, caldera, cozy, plastic cup is 144 gms, whereas a Monatauk Gnat plus pot wind screen is 217 gms. So the weights are

Trail Designs Keg 694 gm starting weight
Monatauk Gnat 777 gm starting weight.

What do I choose?

On weight alone is has to be the Keg and the keg has the added advantages of using alcohol, reliable and no moving parts. On the other hand a gas stove requires clean jets burners etc. Usually weighs more but offers less of CO problem, reliability and controls. An interesting dilemma.

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12 Responses to Stoves

  1. Phil says:

    This is an odd consideration, but one that I'm going to throw out there anyway – on the TGOC I managed to drop my Fosters can – full of water – onto rocks. Through sheer luck it didn't puncture, and I was able to gingerly push out most of the dents without a leak. Once I'd stopped sobbing, I considered what my options would be if I HAD punctured the base of the can, with a week of walking still to do, and 3 or 4 days from the next outdoors shop. I concluded that I would have had some quite bland, cold dinners, and the expense of buying a complete new cooking system at some point on the trail. These beer can pots do 'wear' over time, definitely more so than a Ti pot, and what happens if you're a long way from civilisation? Worst case I suppose is cold dehydrated food, but still, something to consider!I'm not sure if this will preclude me from using my Caldera Keg GVP on a multi-day trip, but it has certainly made me think!

  2. Joe Newton says:

    Interesting point, well made Phil. If you've discounted wood Roger then I'd consider a bullet proof alcohol system, I like Super Cat stoves for this, even if you stand on them you can get them working again. Only 6g…

  3. Phil your comments are timely thanks, and it gives me more to think about.Thanks Joe, I ahve actually thought about a cat stove and I also have a Solo Whitebox stove which is equally bulletproof, but not sure if I want to light them in the tent.More contemplation …

  4. Dave Hanlon says:

    Indeed, I personaly wouldn't use a white box in a tent.

  5. Great comment by Phil! I, of course, would go for a wood burning stove, especially on the section you're planning to walk I don't think it would be a problem. Re: the Gnat, I just read about someone who managed to get the screw thread in the gnat stuck on a canister. That is also something you don't want to happen on the trail, the problem was that the over screw protection was too high and thus didn't protect it from over-screwing. See here, in German:

  6. Lamper says:

    Have you see/tried the new Evernew DX Ti Stove? >>> be used with wood, alcohol, or esbit. Very light, but a needs to be stored in a cup as it will get crushed in your bag.

  7. Thanks Dave, I agree, maybe of the tent has two doors and comes with a fire extinguisher I would think about it, but a good stove all the same with my Evernew 0.9l pot.Thanks Hendrik with the link and I agree about Phil's comments very insightful as are the link from Galahat, just goes to show that we often take stoves for granted and light is not always the most secure option. Lamper, yes I have seen the Evernew DX, visit for a review of the stove when I was on the same trip. I was not convinced enough to spend the money to buy the stove at this time.

  8. Tom says:

    I find the bushcooker interesting, but I have not tried it.It is low weight and the whirlwind as is created inside seem to burn the alcohol or wood more efficient than others.

  9. Thanks Tom, I am aware of the Fourdog stove and they seem interesting. I intend once i return from lapland to explore wood more fully as a fuel.

  10. Roger, as you know I am a canister fan, mostly out of convenience. With a piezo they are very easy to use and functions with very little tinkering in all circumstances. Since I often cook in my tent (precipitation and/or bugs)I find it to be the best solution. These advantages do in my mind make up for the rather slight differences in weight compared with the very lightest solutions.Still, the choice is very much a question of personal preferences and modus operandi. Some people never cook in their tent and live happy lives in spite of this, so I do not think you can go very wrong no matter what you choose.

  11. Lamper says:

    Have you see/tried the new Evernew DX Ti Stove? >>> be used with wood, alcohol, or esbit. Very light, but a needs to be stored in a cup as it will get crushed in your bag.

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