Thanks Hr XXL

A little while ago to celebrate his new blog Hr XXL ran a little competition which asked about lightweight cooking and meals, there were some very informative entries from around the world. I was fortunate to be the winner and received the snow peak mug an Esbit folding wing stove as well as a trek and Eat meal.

The blog is well worth a visit as it provides a european perspective to lightweight hiking.
Thanks HrXXL
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4 Responses to Thanks Hr XXL

  1. Joe Newton says:

    I'm really enjoying these kinds of give-aways, a nice way to share unwanted gear and promote your own blog. Congratulations Roger!

  2. Thanks Joe, I also think the mystery box is a good way to share gear, who knows a cuben duomid or tyvek bivy or a … may arrive one dayRoger

  3. hrXXL says:

    Thank you for the laudatory words Roger. I hope you have much fun with the cup and the stove. The meal is also great. I could test it some weeks ago and it is fantastic, but i prefer dehytrating my own meals

  4. Your welcome Beni, I agree about dehydrating your own meals and am enjoying experimenting at the moment.

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