Bivy night

Some photos of a trip to one of my favourite coastal areas, in Sweden.

More cliffs

Waves and rocks

Home for the night

Late evening view from the bedroom

Coastal Graffiti

The sun is leaving



A wonderful 24 hr trip along a beautiful coastline.

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12 Responses to Bivy night

  1. Roger says:

    Beautiful pictures of a fanatstic landscape. Only been there for some hours.Will be the area for my next trip. Still awaiting a delivery (birth of grandchildren) :-)Planning for two nights and three nights. What do you suggest? Start in Båstad and stop in Ängelholm or the opposit direction?

  2. Thanks Roger, firstly I would start at Vejbystrand (there are buses from Ängelholm ) as the section from Ängelholm to Vejbystrand is not that interesting in my view. You could arrive late into Ängelholm and then travel to Vejbystrand with an hours walk to Gryteskär, a full day the next day would get you to Hovs Halllar or Knösen and then the final day would get you to Båstad in about 4 hours.By the way it is possible to walk around the coast from Hovs Hallar to Kattvik without going over Knösen, though you will need to watch the tides.

  3. Roger says:

    Thanks for your advice. Will check the public transportation for that area later. What abt water? Do not want carry if not needed:-)My trip will be n mid May, so I hope for nice and warm weather and UL pack.

  4. Joe Newton says:

    Wow, beautiful photos that really made me miss where I used to live in the UK. The South West Coastal Path was easily accessible and very scenic. Beach camping, I'm telling you, it's the new summit camping! Watch for a lot of wild beach camping on the blogs this year!

  5. Hi Roger, There is a regular bus service from Ängelholm to Vejbystrand and the cost of a fare to Ängelholm would probably cover the cost of the bus, at least it does for me coming from Copenhagen.Water is available at Gryteskär, Torekov and Knosen shelters as well there is a tap at Hovs Hallar Hotel. As well there are streams however, I am not sure of the quality as they are mostly draining farm land.Roger

  6. Thanks Joe, yeah there aint many summits where I am so beach camping has to be the way. Though the next trip is more likely to be into the hills.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think Hovs Hallar is one of the most beautiful stretches on that part of the Swedish coastline. I well and truly understand it being one of your favourites, Roger.When I was a kid, our school class collected money for a school excursion by doing odd jobs. Among other things, we cleaned up after a film which was partly made at Hovs Hallar. The english name of the film is "Flight of the Eagle". the end, we managed to collect enough money to travel to Denmark./ Karl

  8. Martin Rye says:

    A bivy and a night on the coast. Superb idea. The photos are superb as well.

  9. Thanks Karl as always your posts are very informative, I will have to look out for a copy of the movie, interesting that it was shown in NZ with english subtitles. I can say that the area is very clean, with the only litter coming from the sea.I assume you travelled to Denmark by ferry, was it from Helsingborg or ???

  10. Martin thanks, there will be many more bivy nights on the coastline.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yep, we went with the ferry from Helsingborg, then took the train to Copenhagen. The Malmö / Copenhagen bridge hadn't been built yet in those days.It was a great outing, and we had a lot of fun. Partly because we were of the age when allowed to buy alcohol in Denmark, but not yet in Sweden… ;-)/ Karl

  12. Martin thanks, there will be many more bivy nights on the coastline.

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