This blog had its first post in October 2007 and since then the number of posts has gradually built up till its 100th post today. To commemorate the 100 th post I thought I would offer a little competition based around stoves.

The challenge is to identify the 18 different stoves, (including manufacturers name) shown in the photos, some tips

1. All stoves were purchased commercially, no homemade stoves.
2. Some were purchased up to 5 years ago in the USA.
3. Some stoves are no longer commercially available.
4. Note that some stoves are repeated (for aesthetical reasons)

I will leave the competition running for about 2 weeks, at which time the entry with the most correct answers will receive an alcohol stove (one of those pictured) which I believe is currently not available in Europe. If there is more than one correct entry a random number generator will be used to determine the winner.

Entry can be submitted via the comments section,


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11 Responses to 100

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  2. Joe says:

    Can I "Call a friend"? Anyone got Jason Klass's number?! 😉

  3. Lighthiker says:

    Hi,this is a fun and tougher one than expected…:-)Top picture starting from the top clockwise:Snowpeak GST-100White Box Solo??? I've seen him but can't recall the name…AntiGravity Gear alcohol stoveThermojet MicroliteTrail Designs Caldera Cone stoveMinibull Design early BiosTrail Designs Gram CrackerBPL Firelite Wing StoveEvernew EBY254Bottom Picture from the top clockwise:PackAFeather XLWhite Box Original StoveBrunton Crux??? I've seen him but can't recall the name…TrangiaAntiGravity Gear alcohol stoveTrail Designs Caldera Cone stoveVargo TriadTrail Designs Caldera Cone StovePhew..that took longer than expected. Thanks for the competition!

  4. Hendrik M says:

    Congratulations Roger! I have been enjoying your blog since I found it, which was probably around this time last year. Here's to the next 100 posts!1: Trail Designs Ti-Tri, BushBuddy Ultra0: Tibetian Titanium Esbit Wing, Trail Designs Gram Cracker, Trail Designs 12-10 Alcohol Stove 0: Trail Designs 12-10 Alcohol Stove (twice), J- Falk Bushstove

  5. Happy 100th birthday. I erm spot a Trangia burner there. I win?

  6. That is a good start James, do you want to try for a few more?

  7. Dave Hanlon says:

    This is mean. I used to pride myself on stove recognition, now I'm not so sure I've got what it takes. The spirit burners are realy difficult. Here's my stab:-Optimus Stella-Bushbuddy (I blieve your is an Ultra)-Optimus Svea-Trail Designs Caldera Cone (Yours is a Ti Tri?)-Snowpeak Giga Power-Whitebox Stoves Solo-HPS Esbit Stove-Trail Designs Gram Cracker-BL Ti Esbit Wing/Tibetan Ti Esbit-Evernew Ti Burner (however did you get one so soon?)-Vargo Triad-Trail Designs Ti Tri Al Meths burner -Whitebox stoves Original/Duo -Trangia Burner-Optimus Crux (crux or crux light? Can't tell)Then come the long shots I think there are some discontinued meths burners:Mo go Gear FireflyMo Go gear Go-TorchThe Pepsi can Ti Tri side-burner lookalike beats me. Aagh!I reccon 15. WIth luck 17.

  8. Thanks Dave, and you are correct about the stove on the second zero.

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