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Coastal walking in winter: Ängelholm to Torekov

I alighted from the train at Ängelholm after a 2 hour trip from Copenhagen, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and the prediction was for temperatures around -5 C with little wind and clearing skies, the … Continue reading

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An early Christmas present

Yes I won one of Hendrik’s Buff’s thanks Hendrik. I expect that I will be hiking next week wearing the Merino Buff it feels really nice, and I love merino. Thanks again Hendrik for a great addition to my hiking … Continue reading

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Along the Ås till Åsleden: Röstånga to Höör

I had the opportunity to get away for a couple of days and complete the remainder of the Ås to Åsleden trail, having already walked the sections from Röstånga to Åstorp and Höör to Agusa (write up to come), this … Continue reading

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Tisvilde Hegn

Tisvilde Hegn lies approximately two hours to the west of Copenhagen and can be reached by public transport, with the promise of sunshine I was keen to visit this area. Aside from wonderful beaches, and forests there are a number … Continue reading

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