MLD Duo Mid Review

There have been many excellent blog entries on the Duo Md and in particular those of Andy Howell and Phil Turner have been most informative in preparation and planning for my first trip with a duo mid. I purchased a silnylon version because whilst a lighter shelter would be nice I felt that for the silnylon would satisfy my requirements as well as saving some money.

Preparing for my recent trip I seam sealed the mid using the advice on seam sealing provided by Ron Moak, as well I replaced the supplied cord with 2 mm dyneema from The first night I placed the sides well above the ground ensuring there was no condensation in the morning, however, there was a strong breeze blowing under the shelter and I was glad for my BPL Vapor Bivy. The second night I pegged the corners very tight to the ground but pulled out the mid points of the sides and this seemed to be a better option. As I had camped on damp grass and the skies were clear, the condensation soon formed on the inside of the shelter even before I had entered it. However, I was very pleased to find that later in the night and the next morning there was only a slight film of moisture on the inside of the shelter.

I am very happy with shelter because of its simplicity and the space offered to the solo hiker, all reports suggest that it is very weather worthy and will even survive light snowfalls. I am currently in the planning stage for a trip in Lapland in 2010 and the Duo Mid combined with some bug protection maybe the best option, more experimentation over the coming months will ultimately determine the best option for me.

Other observations; For the trip I used a Tyvek ground sheet but for coming trips I am looking at options for trapezoidal shaped floor as well I am now considering how I can set the mid up to use two poles in a “V” thereby giving me plenty of floor space, maybe a “y” shaped aluminium tube is the go.

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15 Responses to MLD Duo Mid Review

  1. PhilT says:

    Glad to see you're enjoying it Nielsen. I'm content to have it pitched tight to the ground for the improved wind-shedding ability, so I've bypassed the side Linelocs with a loop of shock cord. This has the drawback of reducing the interior headroom a bit, and I have managed to get the hood of my sleeping bag/jacket moist a few times. I'm looking at V-arrangements too, not really necessary but nice to know it's possible. I think I just need to make another pole extender and the natural apex of the shelter should keep things in place?

  2. Thanks Phil, I was happy with the side line locs so for the moment they will stay, but I will keep your modifications in mind. The V structure sounds very appealing, but getting sufficient length in the poles will be the challenge, though another pole extender may be worth a try in the first instance. Another chance for experimentation in 3 weeks or so : ).

  3. Thanks for posting this Roger, the more I read about the DuoMid the more I realise it's the best shelter for me and my plans next year. I've seen pictures of the MLD InnerNet being erected with a 'V' of hiking poles. Please keep us informed of your tinkering!

  4. Hendrik M says:

    Glad to see you enjoying it, Roger – not that I would have expected anything else! I'm slowly making up my mind as well, a bivy is purchased, not just need to settle on the Tarp/ Shelter.Great photo, very beautiful lightning.

  5. hrxxl says:

    The shelter looks very nice and it is affordable in the silnylon version.Could you test the shelter in rough wind and can you say something about the behavior?beni

  6. Joe I have also seen that picture as well as read a couple of blog posts on the sue of 2 poles in a v, The pole length will be the challenge, but I enjoy challenges.Thanks Hendrik, yes it is a nice shelter and the lighting for the photo was just right, the sun had just set behind the tree line.To date I have had no strong winds beni, but the shelter will be out again in a couple of weeks so I will report again, though reports from Andy Howell and Ryan Jordan suggest that it will with stand strong winds.

  7. Wow, that's my next shelter.Very nice.Roger, how long you've been waiting for the delivery? Kindest regards, Rio

  8. Thanks Rio, yes it is a nice shelter, I ordered when Ron had 7 weeks listed on his web page, and it took about 6 to 7 weeks. He now has 4 weeks so I assume it would be a bit faster. Email Ron, he always responds to emails.

  9. Hendrik M says:

    Roger, what the trail weight of the DuoMid? What is your take on taking it in winter?

  10. Hendrik, mine with seam sealing and in the carry bag weighs 520 gms. the pole jack weighs another 22 gms, so without any stakes, or guy lines 544 grams.My winters are not as harsh as they are in Finland so I will take the Duo mid with the vapor bivy and a ground sheet. Though an option will be to take my ID eVent Micro bivy. I think the most important aspect is to keep your sleeping gear as dry as possible and even with an eVent bivy I have had moisture accumulation in a sleeping bag over a number of days.Hope this helps

  11. Hi there,Interesting shelter, although not that ligth for one person IMHO. How tall are you? I usually have problems with shelters constructed like this, since my head and feet tend to brush up against the fabric. I'm 191 cm.Jörgen

  12. Thanks for your comments Jörgen, I am 178 cm and there is plenty of room for me. I suspect that 191 cm is pushing the limits, but diagonally it would be less of a problem. The pole set up may then be the problem. Maybe you should look at the MLD trail star, I will have one soon and intend to use it at the end of December.

  13. Thanks for posting this Roger, the more I read about the DuoMid the more I realise it's the best shelter for me and my plans next year. I've seen pictures of the MLD InnerNet being erected with a 'V' of hiking poles. Please keep us informed of your tinkering!

  14. Looks very interesting. Wonder if there is a way to buy MLD gear in Europe? I assume a tent would most probably get stuck n customs…

  15. nielsenbrown says:

    Thanks Stefan, yeah the MLD shelters are pretty good options in my view. in Germany does offer the MLD gear, though you may still have to wait a while for delivery.

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