Söderåsen National Park

Well I am back from a very enjoyable trip to Söderåsen National Park in Sweden, whilst it was a little grey at times, the sun did shine on Saturday and I was impressed by the scenery and the animals and birds seen and heard on the trail. More to come later here is a view of one of the many lakes along the trail.

Gear comments will include MLD DuoMid and MLD 850 ml Pot and compact Caldera with the Gram Cracker

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9 Responses to Söderåsen National Park

  1. Look forward to your thoughts on the MLD Duomid

  2. Roger says:

    Waiting to read abt your trip. Looks nice on the picture.

  3. Will be good to read about an area I know nothing about (plus how the Duomid worked out).

  4. Robin, the report on the Duomid will come later in the week, but comments are all positive. Roger yes the views were great and was possibly the best scenery I have seen in Skåne.James, one of the best things for me is having lived most of my life in Victoria, Australia, everything in Scandinavia is new and therefore every trip becomes an exploration. However, this trip was special as I am very keen to go back (as long as it is not a weekend)Report and photos will follow in the coming days.

  5. I´m really looking forward to the report.Kindest regards, Rio

  6. Thanks Rio, working on the report photos done, hopefully finished very soon.

  7. Steve Walton says:

    Looking forward to reading about your trip. Sweden offers many options.

  8. Thanks Steve, yes there are many options in Sweden and I hope to explore the variety on offer.

  9. Roger says:

    Waiting to read abt your trip. Looks nice on the picture.

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