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Compact Ti Tri Caldera Inferno

I have always been a great fan of the Ti Tri Caldera, and having tried the compact caldera with the MLD 850 cup I soon began to wonder whether it was possible to get a Compact Ti Tri Caldera Inferno … Continue reading

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MLD 850 pot, Compact Caldera and Esbit

I have been a fan of the Trail Designs Caldera system ever since it has been released, however, packing a full size cone into a caddy that weighs approximately 75 grams which I do not use seemed like a waste … Continue reading

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MLD Duo Mid Review

There have been many excellent blog entries on the Duo Md and in particular those of Andy Howell and Phil Turner have been most informative in preparation and planning for my first trip with a duo mid. I purchased a … Continue reading

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Along the Ås till Åsleden: Röstånga to Åstorp

Söderåsen National Park is located in southern Skåne and according to the parks website is a horst which was formed approximately 150 million years ago and has experienced four ice ages resulting in deep valleys, scree slopes along and idyllic … Continue reading

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Söderåsen National Park

Well I am back from a very enjoyable trip to Söderåsen National Park in Sweden, whilst it was a little grey at times, the sun did shine on Saturday and I was impressed by the scenery and the animals and … Continue reading

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