A walk in the forest

Some random photos from a walk in Hareskoven west of Copenhagen

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8 Responses to A walk in the forest

  1. dave hollin says:

    very nice and autumnal. It also reminds me to at least pack the camera next time I take the kids out for a stroll……

  2. Thanks Dave, we went out for a walk, then drove back to get the camera, the light was just right. Next time I will make sure I at least have my iphone with me.

  3. Beautiful pictures!I love the autumn colors.And then the air is so clear.Kindest regards,Rio

  4. Thanks Rio, I love autumn and the cooler months when the air is clear, just need a bit more warm clothing that's all.

  5. Nice photos! I love the autumn …and UL hiking 😉

  6. Thanks Thomas, yes autumn is a special time, and I would describe myself as a comfortably UL hiker these days. That is no excess weight in my pack, whilst ensuring that I have sufficient gear for all conditions, getting the balance is the challenge.

  7. Some great colours you have captured there.

  8. Thanks James, yes the light just seemed right. I was out there again yesterday and it had all changed, much darker, duller no where near as inspiring.

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