24 hours plus in Skåne

Well I am planning to go hiking next week in Söderåsen National Park in Skåne Sweden (I am not expecting snow but will be starting in Röstånga where the photo was taken). The trip is intended to take 3 days (including travel to & from Copenhagen) and cover about 40 kms. However, what I have realised is that whilst there is some planning, such as transport and food there is not a lot else required, and as a consequence the focus of the trip will be on the surroundings and the enjoyment of the walk.

For those wondering the big three are

Haglöfs Lim 45
Mountain Laurel Designs Duo Mid in Silnylon
Nunatak Quilt combined with a BPL Vapor bivy.

My stove will be the bushbuddy combined with a MSR Titan Kettle and a few Esbits along with a Trail Designs Gram Cracker for the “just in case” scenario. Clothing will include Paramo Third Element and Velez trousers combined with Backpackinglight Hoody. But it is apparent to me that once you get your gear organised it is easy to just pack up and go, when the chance arises, resulting in a less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable trip.

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8 Responses to 24 hours plus in Skåne

  1. Roger says:

    Sounds like a nice trip. Proboply no snow. Still long days enough for walking longer distances. Wish you good luck.Roger/Gothenburg

  2. Hendrik M says:

    What colour is your DuoMid? Please tell me its yellow!?I wish you a good trip. If all goes well I will go on a 24h+ trip next weekend with a French UL backpacker =)

  3. Thanks Roger(Gothenburg), yeah I am not expecting snow, though the predicted temps are close to zero, my kind of weather. I have been wondering what hiking there is north of Båstad with easy access to public transport, I know the train goes through to Gothenburg. Any suggestions?Hendrik, I am sorry to say that it is Olive Brown, an ideal colour for camping in Denmark. I do like the yellow colour but it was not available when I ordered it.Have a great trip also.

  4. Hendrik M says:

    Well, as you might have seen, I am considering the Silnylon DuoMid in yellow. I think the colour alone is reason for me to get it =) Its a good colour in autumn, as its so yellow here – but for the rest of the year your choice is better.

  5. Roger says:

    There are a trail called "Knalleleden" not far from Gothenburg. Its possible to access from railwaystation Hindås, approx 40 km east of Gothenburg. Then its abt 70 km walk to the city Borås.The trail is parallel to both road and railway, so its possible to break earlier than Borås.I can also recomend a walk (no marked trail) from Lödöse, 50 km north of Gothenburg, to the lake Anten. Approx 30 km distance. With a good map you are able to find nice paths. The most amazing thing with this trip are that it follow the "roads" from vikingage wich are mentioned in the Islandic sagas.

  6. Dave Hanlon says:

    Have a good one. Looking forewards to the write up!Is the Duo Mid a recent purchase by any chance? Is this trip an excuse for a first try out?

  7. Many thanks Roger I really appreciate the suggestions, the Lödöse sounds very interesting and is on the list for next year as will be Knalleleden. Dave yes the Duo Mid is a recent purchase, but my eye on it for quite a while. I never need an excuse for a trip, it is just fitting it in amongst other requirements and I have been wanting to go to Söderåsen for quite a while. But testing new gear is also fun : ).

  8. Dave Hanlon says:

    Have a good one. Looking forewards to the write up!Is the Duo Mid a recent purchase by any chance? Is this trip an excuse for a first try out?

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