Sigg Water bottles

Now most of us at one stage or another have owned a Sigg water bottle, great bottles and virtually indestructible. Well recently I was visiting family in Australia and was browsing through a kitchen shop (yes I love kitchen shops almost as much as I love outdoors shops) and I came across a collection of Sigg Bottles. But what caught my attention was the red wide mouth sigg bottle. There was no question it had to be bought. Interestingly the wide mouth top is a similar size to the Nalgene tops, but the threads are different, also the bottle has a standard sigg opening, so, the bottle is easy to fill and easy to drink out of.

It weighs about 170 grams which is about the same as a Nalgene bottle. I am not sure how readily available they are but if you are into sigg bottles they are worth a look.

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6 Responses to Sigg Water bottles

  1. My trusty sigg bottle now looks like it has been through the wars, paintless and dented through two 9 month trips around asia. No longer used for backpacking as too heavy, the platypus has taken its place.

  2. Martin Rye says:

    I have a used and abused Sigg Bottle. A friend of mine used his as a kettle in Norway once. It looked very abused when he came home. Still it holds water and does the job. I got tired of the design and screw in top a long time back. Sits in the kit box now, and most likely will not see a hill again.

  3. Mac E says:

    I used to use Sigg bottles but some of them must have had a knock which cracked the inner coating resulting in pin holes caused by corrosion. I bought an Oval one recently as it fits nicely in a rucksack side pocket but I probably won't use it as it's too heavy. I just use plastic PET bottles or a flexible bladder now. The Ribbed version does look nice though, quite retro.

  4. Hendrik M says:

    My Sigg bottle exploded in the Winter as the water in the bottle froze and was expanding, ripping the aluminum. Now its Platypus bladders for me.

  5. Thanks guys,I have seen many well used sigg bottles especially with school groups using them as hammers for the tent stakes, something you cannot do with a platypus bottle. Yeah the bottles are kind of heavy and I too use Platypus or wide mouth Nalgene bottles in the winter, this bottle will probably see use around town. Mac E the oval one sounds nice, I must look out for one, maybe I could start a collection ; )

  6. Holdfast says:

    There should be a help group for forgotten Sigg bottles! I too have one sitting in the 'spares' box. Terrible waste really, it should be used as my daily waterbottle but that task currently goes to my Camelbak bottle which is easier to use. Platypus and Nalgene wide-mouth soft canteens are my preferred choice these days, and it seems we have all come to same conclusion.

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