Coastal walking

Having ventured into the mountains my attention has now turned to the coasts, something which Denmark and Sweden have plenty of. Kit selection for such trips differs considerably from a trip to the mountains and from past experience condensation on tarps and eVent bivies can become more of an issue. Other issues include wind, watching lightning strikes out to sea, lack of shelter in wind driven rain, lack of shelter in blazing sunshine (less of an issue in Denmark) but the rewards includes watching migratory birds, the sound of the waves hitting the shore as well as amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Over the next couple of months I intend to visit a number of coastal regions in Denmark and Sweden with my primary shelter being a bivy and a tarp, the first such trip will either be North West of Copenhagen or along the Österlenleden in Sweden.

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3 Responses to Coastal walking

  1. Hendrik M says:

    I'm looking forward to your report, Roger. I was thinking of going to the Finnish coast for a weekend, walking but sand dunes, taking a bath in the Baltic Sea and some fishing could be an interesting alternative to forests and lakes for me =)

  2. Alan Sloman says:

    Hi RogerI always find coastal walking incredibly hard work – you are always walking across the grain of the land with regular steep ascents and descents. My preferred kind of coastal walk would involve a sandy stroll from the soft Indian Ocean surf to the beach bar and back again after a few cold beers…Looking forward to hearing yours though!

  3. Hendrik, coastal walking especially with hunting season approaching can provide a safer alternative to the forests.Alan, the ups and downs in Denmark are not that steep. Mind you the concept of walking to the bar on any beach does sound like a very good option.

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