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Coastal Hiking 2

Did you know that there is about 7300 km of coastline in Denmark, and only about 3200 km in Sweden? Now Denmark has many Islands so the amount of coastline is not surprising and for those that are wondering the … Continue reading

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For the first time since Jotunheimen I put on my walking boots and went for a walk around one of the local lakes, Søndersø. The trail around the lake is approximately 5.4 km in length and is bordered by the … Continue reading

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Sigg Water bottles

Now most of us at one stage or another have owned a Sigg water bottle, great bottles and virtually indestructible. Well recently I was visiting family in Australia and was browsing through a kitchen shop (yes I love kitchen shops … Continue reading

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Coastal walking

Having ventured into the mountains my attention has now turned to the coasts, something which Denmark and Sweden have plenty of. Kit selection for such trips differs considerably from a trip to the mountains and from past experience condensation on … Continue reading

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Jotunheimen Gear

Gear selection for a trip is based on many factors such as weight, fit, appropriateness, colour, whether we look good in it as we hike as well as many other factors. The list of gear I used for this trip … Continue reading

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