I am sure that many of you have been interested in my planned trip to Lapland, well the trip is no longer on the agenda. Why, you ask? Putting it simply we have been looking for a home which provides us with an outdoor experience whilst also meeting our needs as parents, working professionals and lovers of the outdoors. And yep you guessed it, we found a place and the transfer of ownership was to occur whilst I was out of contact in Lapland, so Lapland ceased to be an option for this summer.

However, I do have a window of opportunity, and as a consequence after much looking at maps (in between looking at legal contracts) Jotunheimen in Norway seems to be an option. But more about that later.

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4 Responses to Changes

  1. Dave Hanlon says:

    Life sometimes transpires to get in the way of even the best laid plans. Sorry to hear your lapland trip won't go ahead, not least of all because I was looking forward to the write up and photos. Still, it sounds like you're getting something wonderful back for the trade in. Lapland will still be there when you're ready for the off. Also, I have to say, as compensatory trips go, Jotunheimen must rank amongst the best!

  2. Holdfast says:

    Sorry to hear you have to change your plans Nielsen. As Dave said above, the Jotunheimen is a pretty good Plan B!

  3. Hendrik M says:

    Damn, I really was looking forward to your trip report :/ But getting a house is of course a good reason to postpone the trip, and I am sure once you see my trip report in September I'm sure the Nordkalottleden will be back on the radar 😉 Hyvää juhannusta – good midsummer wished from Finland!

  4. Dave and Holdfast yes Jotunheimen is a pretty good plan B, some of the benefits are great natural beauty, closer to Denmark and more route alternatives, thus the timing of the trip is more easily managed.Hendrik, Sorry about not being able to provide some insight into Lapland, I will now await your report.Lapland is still on the calendar for a years time.Have a wonderful midsummer.

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