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Travelling above the Arctic Circle

I spent a lot of time exploring travel options above the Arctic Circle and thought I would share them, especially given Alan Slomans desire to walk the Kungsleden in 2010. FlyingThere are 4 major airports in the region of the … Continue reading

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Båstad to Båstad: Around the Bjärehalvön Peninsula

Båstad to Knösen A return to familiar ground perhaps epitomises the start of the walk. This was my third visit to Båstad Railway Station. The station sits next to the slopes of Hallandssås and provides views to Laholm Bay. As … Continue reading

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I am sure that many of you have been interested in my planned trip to Lapland, well the trip is no longer on the agenda. Why, you ask? Putting it simply we have been looking for a home which provides … Continue reading

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Kust to Kustleden: Shelter reflection

Shelters I used on the trip along the Coast to Coast in Sweden are; the Golite Shangri La 3, Terra Nova Laser Competition, Integral Designs Crysallis Bivy and the Backpackinglight (USA) Vapor Bivy. The Vapour bivy and the Crysallis Bivy … Continue reading

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Kust to Kustleden Completed: Footwear reflection

Yesterday I finished the final section of the Kust to Kustleden, the section from Båstad to Båstad, a circular route taking in Knösen, Torekov and Gryteskär (a report will follow). I started on this journey on November 6, 2008 and … Continue reading

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Return to Møns Klint

Møns Klint is one of my favourite places in Denmark, and whilst it is a major tourist attraction there are also many places where you can get away from it all. For a couple of days I was able to … Continue reading

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