Pacer Poles Camera Mount

I have been a long term user of Pacer Poles, I have the original Aluminium poles. When ever out hiking I like to take camera which is either a Dslr, Ricoh GX 100 or Pentax W60. Most times I will just hold the camera in my hand when taking a photo but there are times when a steadier hand is required. I do carry the Ultrapod mini but when walking there are times when a quick photo with a monopod, makes sense. Thus when I heard about the Camera Mount for Pacer Poles I quickly ordered one. The mount weighs 18 grams and is easily installed and removed from the pole, and more importantly, it works. On a recent trip in Sweden where the wind was gusting across the fields I was able to take pictures without worrying about the wind causing the camera to move. I strongly recommend these mounts if you are using Pacer Poles as they work as stated and in my view the benefits are well worth the weight.

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