A walk along the banks of Furesøen

Though the temperatures were at or below freezing I was able to go for a walk along the western shore of Furesø earlier this week. Furesø is one of the many lakes that are on the north west fringe of Copenhagen. Whilst some of the lake is bordered by houses there are many parts where the lake abuts the forest. Located near the lake in the forest is a primitive overnight camping site.

Access to Furesø can be by public transport, Bus 191 will take you to Frederiksdal from Lyngby Station as well there are many other bus stops near the lake along with several railway stations nearby including Farum, Sorgenfri and Holte.

The forest adjoins the western shore of Furesø between Frederiksdal and Farum and provides a pleasant undulating walk as you climb and descend along the shore line. The views across the lake as well as the forest itself provided a pleasant and relaxing walk especially with the sound of oarsman from the Roklubben Furesø training in the icy waters of Furesø.

It was a great start to the walking season for 2009 with many other walks planned.

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