Walking tour above the Arctic Circle.

Later this year I am planning a trip above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, and whilst the trip will not be as isolated as the Arctic 1000, I have some aims which include;

– Self supported
– Independent travel
– Comfortably lightweight
– Flexibility of travel, with the starting and end points fixed.

Whilst the hiking route is essentially planned the gear is still to be finalised, clearly minimum weight is important within the limitations of the anticipated weather conditions which include;

– Temperature Ranges 5 C to 15 C
– Possible night time temperatures of 0 C
– Rain showers and drizzle
– Windy at times, with accompanying wind chill

So the main items of gear that need to be considered are;

– Shelter
– Packing
– Cooking
– Footwear
– Outer clothing
– Photography

Over the coming weeks I intend to provide an overview of the available options within the limits of the gear that I currently have, or may consider purchasing. The first of the these articles is about the choices of shelters will appear later this week.

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2 Responses to Walking tour above the Arctic Circle.

  1. arctic clothing says:

    Good post.What is Arctic Circle?
    Could you tell me?

  2. Nielsen Brown says:

    Hi thanks for your question according to Wikipedia The Arctic Circle runs parallel with latitude 66° 33′39″ (or 66.56083°) north of the Equator and therefore includes parts of Canada, Alaska (USA), Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Iceland and Greenland (part of Denmark).

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