Kust till Kustleden: Östafors to Glimåkra

I was able to get away for 4 days to the coast to coast trail in northern Skåne, Sweden. The Kust till Kustleden is the northern walking trail of the Skåneleden system and connects Sölvesborg in the east with Ängelholm in the west a total of approximately 300 kms. A trip report and photos are coming. I will also be providing an update on the Shangrai La 3 as well as comparison on the of the BPL (USA) Trapper mug with the Caldera and the BPL Titanium Esbit Wing Stove

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3 Responses to Kust till Kustleden: Östafors to Glimåkra

  1. Holdfast says:

    Nielsen, I have been following your cooking gear with some interest as we seem to have very similar tastes! I too love my Titan pot and use both an Optimus Crux and a Trail Designs alcohol stove. I was looking at the Caldera Cone and wondered about the ability to use it as a simple wood burning stone. How is this done? Is the Titan supported higher up in the cone to allow twigs to be fed into the base of the Cone?

  2. Nielsen Brown says:

    I have answered your question with a new blog entry, by the way I also have the Optimus Crux, which is intended for the next trip in early December

  3. Holdfast says:

    Thanks Nielsen.

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