Ås till Åsleden

Just back from 5 days on the Ås till Åsleden in Skåne, Sweden. The Ås till Åsleden (Ridge to Ridge Trail) is part of the 1000 km long Skåneleden trail system which celebrates its 30 year anniversary this year. It was a great trip, but I must remember to check the hunting calendar next time, as my first day out coincided with the first day of Moose hunting season.

There will be more to come in the following days including reports on some gear including “How to entertain yourself on long dark nights”, “My experiences with 2 water filtration systems”, “Golite Shangri-La 3 first thoughts” and “Cooking with a small pot”

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6 Responses to Ås till Åsleden

  1. Holdfast says:

    Neilsen, are you supposed to wear something orange in hunting season to make you more conspicuous? I read some horror stories on http://www.backpackinglight.com of hikers being mistaken for wildlife and being shot by trigger-happy hunters.

  2. Nielsen Brown says:

    I have read those horror stories as well. Whilst living in the states I spent a lot of time on the AT during hunting season, which also the best time to walk the trail, it was recommended that you wear bright orange. Even a fluoro orange cap works well. Last week I saw 2 hunters (part of a group of 24) one wore a fluoro cap the other in camo green, but the whole group had walkie talkies so once the first saw me the rest knew I was there. I also heard dogs (often used for flushing out wild boar, deer and moose) and a few shots. As for your question yes you probably should wear bright colours. Many of the trails are old forestry roads and walking in the middle of the road and a white Tilley hat was the best I could do in this case.

  3. Hi. Thanks for an excellent blog. I'm planning a 4-5 days hike, but can't decide on which part of the Skåneleden, I should pick. I have hiked Söderåsen several times during the past 20 years, and really love the area for it's contrast to the danish nature, and was actually planning on going there. But now I have been reading a bit about the Kust-kust leden, and especially the the middle part seems attractive with deep forrest trails (I'm trying to get the most wilderness-feeling possible). What's you verdict on the two trails. Which is more significant in your opinion?


  4. Hi Søren my apologies for the late reply I am currently travelling and have limited access to the internet. Regarding the coast to Coast with out looking at maps the area around Osby is possibly the best for a “wilderness” experience. see

    http://www.nielsenbrownoutdoors.com/2009/04/kust-to-kustleden-osby-to-asljunga.html and the Östafors to Glimåkra section.

    However, in my view the Blekingeleden provides a much better overall wilderness experience, see






    There are some road sections but much of the Blekingeleden is away from built up areas. If you need more information on any of the above please feel free to ask.

  5. Hi again. Thanks for the reply (I think it was fast 🙂 The Blekingeleden looks interesting, indeed. I read somewhere, however, that no dedicated maps exists and that the trail markings is not very well maintained. Do you know of maps with shelters marked?

  6. Hi Søren, you are correct about the availability of information, I think there are some details available on some Kommune websites.

    This website will give you some info. http://www.sydsverige.dk/?pageID=367

    When I get home I can send you a gpx file of my trips along the trail. If you want a copy, send me your email via the “please contact me” at the bottom of the page on the right hand side. If I think of any other sources of info I will let you know. By the way in my view the trail is well marked.

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