Return to Sweden and the Skåneleden

This past weekend we took the opportunity to visit another section of the Skåneleden, in this case it was a section of the Nord till Sydleden which connects Southern Sweden with the Kyst to Kyst trail in the north of Skåne.

The weather was cool but clear and as usual it was a pleasure to spend some time in the Swedish Forests. Our time was spent in the area between Hörby and Höör, Ringsjon is the largest natural feature here and provides a habitat for a wide range of birds. Nearby is the Fultofta Naturcentrum which provides easy access to the Nord till Sydleden and is about 3 km from the Ås till Åsleden a north West South East trail running through the middle of Skåne. We can recommend a visit to the Fultofta centre for its wonderful exhibits as well as its coffee.

At the junction of Nord till Sydleden and Ås till Åsleden near the outskirts of Höör the Ås till Åsleden passes through the locale of Frostvallen an interesting area with its lake and large accommodation areas and with a thermometer strategically placed on a large notice board, our assumption is that in winter it may get a little cold there.

The trails were well marked with orange markers and direction signs where needed, we have not seen such efficient marking of trails since we were on the Appalachian Trail with its White Blazes

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