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Sil Tarps and Ponchos

B bought an Integral Designs Sil Poncho about 3 years ago, in Copenhagen. Since that time she has used the poncho in Norway, Denmark, the UK, USA and Australia. I have been so impressed by the multiplicity of uses of … Continue reading

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Return to Sweden and the Sk√•neleden

This past weekend we took the opportunity to visit another section of the Sk√•neleden, in this case it was a section of the Nord till Sydleden which connects Southern Sweden with the Kyst to Kyst trail in the north of … Continue reading

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BPL Titanium Wing Stove

For a while now I have had the BPL Titanium Wing Stove in my gear closet and whilst I have tried it a few times I have never taken it on a trip. Finally last weekend was an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Books for the outdoors

There are many books titles and authors writing for the outdoors, you can get How to books, How to get there books, What to carry books, Historical hiking books, Hysterical hiking books, and many many more. Every time we look … Continue reading

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Integral Designs Unishelter

Whilst laying in my Unishelter watching the sun rise recently I begun to reflect on why I like this shelter. It is a bit more than a bivy and tarp and it weighs more than the lightest tents but for … Continue reading

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