Backpacking Light on the Internet

Backpacking Light on the Internet

Backpackinglight USA
site founded by Ryan Jordan, this site with its associated forums, gear shop, gear reviews, publications has in my view become the premier site for information and well researched discussions on the ultra light philosophy. They have often produced new gear that is both lightweight and innovative in design. The forums contain many insightful conversations about the techniques associated with ultra light hiking. It has been fascinating to watch this site grow from one which was very much a USA based site to one that now has forum participants from Europe, Asia Australia and New Zealand.

Backpackinglight UK, this site has developed with a very different focus of podcasts and a shop specialising in light weight gear. Given the different climate and hiking conditions in the UK the site has promoted appropriate gear for lightweight hiking in the UK (and possibly Europe) and as a consequence is seen by many as in the fore front of the lightweight movement in the UK.

Backpackinglight Australia, is located in Melbourne and has been around for a while now and like its namesakes in the other countries is a provider of lightweight gear to bushwalkers, the company has imported such brand names as Integral Designs, GoLite, Montane, Pacer Poles along side of Australian and NZ brands such as Aarn and Gondwana.

It is apparent to us that the advent of these sites and their accompanying stores has led to increase in the use of lightweight techniques in the outdoors which is to be commended and we can recommend each of the online stores on these sites as being reliable providers of high quality ultra light gear.

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