Golite Pinnacle, first impressions

The Golite Pinnacle is a frameless large volume (75l) pack, which was released a little over 12 months ago. I had been looking for a lightweight frameless pack that would serve both as a day pack as well as for lightweight trips. Whilst you may say that a 75 litre pack is a little large for a day pack, the compaktor system and side straps enable it to be reduced to a much smaller profile. In essence there are 2 hooks and 2 loops of cord at the base of the pack which enable the base of the pack to be narrowed somewhat. Thereby making it both a large volume pack as well as being useful for short peak bagging trips from the base camp.

So far I have only used it for a number of day trips and I have been impressed with the weight (710 gm on my scales) the comfort of the hip belt, the support provided by the included foam back panel, the ease with which you can access the side pockets which hold 1 litre Nalgene bottles with ease as well there is a large back pocket which enables you to access the items required during the day easily. The pack is well made with its dyneema fabric and reinforced stitching where required.

I look forward to using this pack over longer trips in the coming months.

Summer sojourn: we are about to embark on an extended trip during summer and we will report back as we can.

The photo shows an 2.4 m * 1.5 m Integral Designs tarp and bivy.

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