Sunshine and White cliffs

Finally had a chance to do a quick over night trip on Sjællandsleden, part of the North Sea Trail. The trip started with an overnight camp at Boesdal located just east of Rødvig. There are shelters here, but no water and with temperatures well below zero, the white chalk cliffs make for an eerie experience in the moonlight. I awoke to a clear but cold morning which provided great views of the cliffs. A short walk led me to Rødvig. The walk along the beach at high tide was interesting with many of the rocks covered in ice and not much sand left to walk on.

The Sjællandsleden follows the coastline from Rødvig for about 6 kms before heading inland through the fascinating township of Lund. From here it is a 2 km walk along a quiet bitumen road before turning towards the sea near Lille Torøje. The remainder of the trip is along the coast and then through Strandskov before arriving at the busy township of Fakse Ladeplads (harbour). A very pleasant day with temperatures just above zero C and it was great to be able to do some walking in an area which is within 2 hours of Copenhagen.
The image shows the early morning sun shining on the cliffs of Stevns Klint near Boesdal. Photo info: Ricoh GX100
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